• Image of Grey Clouds Muslin Medium
  • Image of Grey Clouds Muslin Medium

1 x Unbelievably Soft Medium Cloud Muslin 60x60cm

Designed by Bullabaloo. These medium multi-use Muslins are made with one of the softest and most durable fabrics on Earth...Bamboo. This high-performance fabric is made up of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton making it one of the softest combination blends found ever and a total dream for your babies skin.

From breastfeeding, nursing, shading, playing, wiping away spillages, snuggling up to in a pram, car seat or on the sofa and they are even used as comforters to make your baby feel safe.

Please note: Professional advice should always be adhered to regarding items left in a cot/moses basket with a baby. It is advised not to leave anything unattended with a baby in a cot/moses basket. Muslins and comforters should be used as a sleeping aid whilst a parent/carer is present and removed once baby has fallen asleep.

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